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Indiana athletic trainers' association


IATA Joe A. Harvey Distinguished Service Award Criteria

In the event that no nomination is received or the Awards Committee rejects all nominee/s, the Executive Council is then responsible for putting forth a nomination.

Please save forms as Word or PDF documents and email them as attachments to the Honors and Awards Committee. All other letters of recommendation and resumes should also be sent as Word or PDF documents as well. For questions, email iatahonorsandawards@gmail.com.


Nomination Process

The following must be completed in order to be considered for an award:

  1. The nomination form and all required materials must be completed and submitted by the deadline of March 30.
  2. A curriculum vitae/resume MUST be submitted before a nominee is presented to the full Awards Committee.
  3. Letter(s) of support strongly recommended.
  4. Any IATA certified member may nominate an Athletic Trainer for this award.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. This award is given to an individual who has made special contributions to the IATA, the field of Sports Medicine and has been an advocate of the Athletic Training Profession.
  2. Only Indiana state licensed Athletic Trainers may receive this award.
  3. The nominee should make contributions/support to the IATA and the profession of Athletic Training.
  4. The nominee should make contributions to healthcare in Indiana.

Selection Process

  1. The Honors and Awards Committee shall make a recommendation of one nominee to the IATA Executive Council.
  2. In the event that no nomination is received, the Awards Committee rejects all nominee/s, or the Executive Council rejects the nominee/s, the Awards Committee is then responsible for nominating and recommending a candidate to the Executive Council.
  3. Non-selected nominees will be considered one additional year following the initial nomination.

Election Process

  1. The Executive Council officially selects the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award.
  2. The Election results are publicly announced at the IATA Annual Educational Meeting.

Joe Harvey

A calming voice of reason, a gentleman at all times, Joe Harvey was a friend and mentor to all. His sphere of influence extended across all the Midwest with his time in Ohio and Indiana.

Joe was a model of servant leadership. His command of his emotions and his gift of listening were his trademarks. A skilled practitioner with mentors such as NATA Hall of Fame members Larry star (Cincinnati Reds) and David H. Craig (Indiana Pacers) Joe was beloved by players, management, parents and coaches.

Joe Harvey spent over 25 years serving as an athletic trainer, mentor and counselor in Indiana. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Manchester College and a master’s degree at Indiana University and Butler University. In 1984, Joe began his career working for six years with the Cincinnati Reds before making a career change to return to Indiana. While working as a physician extender and Coordinator of Sports Medicine at Orthopedics Indianapolis, he was assigned to provide athletic healthcare at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School. His experience at Brebeuf led to a full-time position working as a guidance counselor and athletic trainer.

Professionally, Joe served the IATA chairing both the Membership and Awards Committees and served as President from 2002 to 2004. He also served as a Board of Certification test site administrator and workshop facilitator.

A 1978 graduate of Huntington North High School, he also graduated from Manchester College and held a graduate degree in athletic training from Indiana University and a graduate degree in school counseling from Butler University.

Indiana athletic trainers' association

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