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Indiana athletic trainers' association


Logos of the Indiana Athletic Trainers' Association


The first IATA logo approved by the IATA Executive Council depicted the IATA letters with the stick figure representing an athletic trainer examining a knee. Steve Risinger, Athletic Trainer at Anderson College (now University), solicited the help of Pete Grandjean, a student-athlete who started as a Graphic Design major, to design the logo. After a semester at Anderson, Pete changed majors to Physical Education with aspirations to be a coach and teacher. As a student, Pete did a lot of drawing and was asked to do a lot of drawing around campus. As a football player who spent many hours in the athletic training facility, Steve Risinger was very familiar with Pete and asked him to develop designs for the first logo. After speaking with Steve about the IATA, Pete designed “four to five” hand drawn logos, and many iterations of the logos. Steve presented the designs to the IATA, and ultimately the first logo was selected. Currently, Dr. Pete Grandjean is Dean and Professor of Exercise Science in the School of Applied Sciences at the University of Mississippi.


The second IATA logo featured a state outline. Then IATA President, Rick Shaw, gave a drawing to Marion Vruggink who used Custom Forms to design three to four alternatives. The idea to change the existing logo was the result of other state associations using state outlines, which was seen as the design of the times. The IATA also felt the state outline would be more representative of the IATA and athletic training, and it would serve our profession better for its PR and marketing efforts. The membership voted during the Fall Meeting in 1996 as to whether it wanted to keep the current logo or change to the new state outline style logo. Marion recalls that less than 5 people voted for the old logo in a near unanimous vote indicating the membership was ready for change.


The third logo design was the result of the IATA Executive Council feeling the second logo was outdated. The Revenue Committee, specifically, wanted to move into reimbursement, and it desired to have a new, fresh logo. Trendy Minds was solicited to design the logo, and it presented 3 logo options to the IATA. The circle at the top of the logo was animated (it rotated) to present eye catching graphics and the tagline “Bringing Healthcare Full Circle” was introduced. The logo was selected because it retained some of the previous IATA logos designed. The IATA EC and the Strategic Plan group felt that a new logo was a “refreshing of things” and believed the new logo would excite the membership to get involved in the organization.

2020 -

Justin Miller, current IATA President, felt that the previous IATA logo had been used for a long time, and it did not reflect the latest “AT” logo presented, recently, by the NATA. Justin initially designed the logo, and he sent it to the NATA who is the only entity authorized to make designs using “AT” as seen in the current NATA logo. The NATA graphic team designed three logo versions changing the color scheme to a blue-gold combination to match the state colors. The IATA EC viewed each version and decided on the current version.

Indiana athletic trainers' association

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