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Kathy Malone Sparks – 2012

Indiana University Health/Indianapolis Public Schools
Methodist Sports Medicine Center

Kathy Malone Sparks earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware and a second bachelor’s degree at Ball State University.  After graduation in 1990, Kathy began working in Indianapolis as an athletic trainer for the Indianapolis Public Schools.  This job initially began as an outreach position with Methodist Sports Medicine Center assigned to cover several IPS schools as well as serve as a research assistant for MSMC.  Seeing the need for healthcare in all IPS schools, Kathy began a grass roots effort to work toward the hiring of more athletic trainers in the inner city public schools.  More athletic trainers were eventually hired and she became Coordinator of the IPS Sports Medicine Program which includes the recruitment and supervision of ATs at nine IPS schools and consultant for student athletic trainer programs at 14 schools.  Kathy has served and been involved with various organizations / committees including the Women’s NCAA Final four Indiana Host Committee (2011) and Medical Coordinator for the Indianapolis city vs County All-Star Basketball game (1993 – 2011).  She has served the IATA as the Central Indiana Representative for the Secondary School Committee for over five years and helped with the initial organization of the IATA College Quiz Bowl.   Kathy has received numerous awards including the IATA Professional / Clinical Athletic Trainer of the Year (1994) and the NATA Athletic Trainer Service Award (2010).

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