A study from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that the presence of Athletic Trainers can have a significant positive impact on student athlete health, resulting in lower injury rates, improved diagnosis, and return-to-play decisions. Athletic Trainers can
    • Implement injury prevention programs such as ACL and ankle sprain reduction programs and do baseline concussion testing
    • Implement therapeutic and conditioning interventions
    • Design and implement post-injury and post-surgical rehabilitation

      As part of their master’s degree education, athletic trainers are well versed in diagnosing athletic injuries. ATs evaluate injuries and illnesses prior to participation, at the time of injury, in the clinic and/or on an ongoing basis. Athletic Trainers can

      • Perform injury evaluations
      • Concussion Assessment & Diagnosis
      • Provide immediate care for injuries such as ACL tears, spinal injuries, ankle sprains, etc.

      Sport-related injury leads to approximately 20 million lost days of school and $33 billion in health care costs each year. Having an Athletic Trainer on staff can minimize time and money spent on unnecessary emergency room visits and diagnostic tests. Athletic Trainers can

        • Reduce absenteeism
        • Control insurance costs based on standard prevention protocols
        • Decrease rehabilitative costs before and after surgery
        • Improve state and league compliance related to athlete safety

        Athletic Trainers integrate best practices in policy construction and implementation, documentation and basic business practices to promote optimal care for student athletes. Athletic Trainers can
        • Develop policies and procedures to mitigate risk
        • Track and assess outcomes
        • Ensure appropriate documentation and treatment protocol
        • Provide peace of mind that a dedicated health care professional is prioritizing student athletes' health and safety

        Use these resources to learn more about how Athletic Trainers can help you get - and stay - in the game as fast and safely as possible.